Published on: 04th May 2016

It’s an interesting idea to dazzle your guest with Nigerian Suya kebab. The Suya blend is made using an authentic ancient recipe from the city of Kano. Our Suya spice blend allows you to do prepare surreal kebabs with great ease and in next to no time.  The process is simple:




1kg of beef (preferably lean brisket cut into cubes or diced

1Satchet of Odeiga Suya spice blend

1teaspoonfull of salt

20mls of vegetable oil

A bowl

A tray for the grill/oven



Sprinkle salt unto cubed beef

Wet cubed beef with some oil

Empty half of the content of sachet unto the bowl of cubed beef and massage the spice blend thoroughly into the beef.

Thread meat unto metal or wooden skewers

Place glazed kebabs under hot grill or griddle for 10 minutes and turn kebab over after every 5 minutes

Serve with some tossed salad, your suya kebab should look like this!