Suya Barbecue Spice

Published on: 04th May 2016

Suya barbecue spice is the spice for all barbecues- suya is a common barbecue sold in West Africa. It is most popular in Ghana, Nigeria & the Cameroons. It is a valued legacy of ancient Kano to those parts of Africa.

Suya barbecue spice is made up of pepper, ginger, salt and spices. It gives a rich flavour and character to the meat in general but especially chicken, lamb and beef. It can also be sprinkled on roast potatoes. It is a universal spice.


-      Cut about 2lb boned leg of lamb into 3 by 4cm and 1cm thick pieces. Add about 1 tablespoonful of corn or groundnut oil and mix. Put into skewers or alternatively use chicken breasts similarly and sprinkle spice over both sides of lamb or chicken fairly generously. Leave to rest for about an hour. Grill both sides under medium heat, till cooked to taste. This will usually take about 25 to 30 minutes. Serve as a snack with sliced fresh tomatoes and leak and onion rings. Also good with a glass or beer!

Alternatively, make a runny paste and use to marinade lamb or pork

chops, then grill or cook in an oven for thirty to forty five minutes.