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All our products have great nutritional benefit. First, let’s talk about our Smoothie drink

We now know from several anecdotal evidences that many customers now regularly buy our Tansi™ Smoothies for the benefits they get from drinking Tansi™ Smoothies. Chronic sufferers of constipation find that regular intake of Tansi Smoothies, helps to relieve their symptom. Women find that the use of Tansi™ Smoothies helps to get rid of their feeling of pre-menstrual tension. Women in early pregnancy, suffering from ‘morning sickness’, have found that they can tolerate Tansi™ Smoothies. Mothers have claimed that taking Tansi™ Smoothies helps their breast to flow in the first few days after having their babies.

Strawberries and Mangoes are known to provide a range of vitamins, beta-carotene – potent antioxidants, which protect the body from harmful ultraviolet rays. Mangoes are also high in soluble fibres; they provide protection from gum disease and are essential food for the ‘friendly bacteria’ in the large intestines. These bacteria help us convert probiotics to biotin, produce vitamin K and substances that relieve constipation. Mangoes are also good for skin tone! Dieters !!!!

They say Tansi™ Smoothies are good for dieting. It is used as a pick-me-up drink. One pack of Tansi™ in the morning will stave hunger till lunch time or more and you know what …… There is only 160kcal in 250ml of Tansi Strawberry (less than a packet of crisp) and ALL the other goodness! No wonder some dieting Companies give you a powder pack to add to milk or Yogurt for breakfast, with ALL the other additives and …… WHERE IS THE FLAVOUR?
So, can we encourage you to FANCY A TANSI™ ….!!!!!

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