Pepper Soup Mix

A unique blend of West African spices that gives a delicious soup. Cook with fish or meat. Used for the popular Nigeria peppered soup.

Gives a ‘kick’ and a warm, flavourful experience – ‘winter buster’.


Jerk Chicken Seasoning

A rich floral bouquet of herbs and spices from the savannah that gives a delicious mouth feel and flavourful experience to your chicken or meat.


Suya Spice Mix

An ancient blend of delicious West African spices that give a warm, flavourful experience to meat, chicken or vegetables – ‘The upcoming Kebab’.


06 February 2018


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We are manufacturers of a range of premium quality authentic African and Caribbean foods across the complete grocery category that raises the profile of Africa’s cuisines by creating a brand that is synonymous to African and Caribbean food.


18 October 2018
18 October 2018
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