Corn Ogi/Akamu - Go natural and boost your immune system with our naturally fermented product

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Ogi is made from Corn and used widely in West Africa, especially by the Elderly and those recovering from severe illnesses to boost their immune and health systems.  It is also used by Nursing mothers to improve milk production and used for weaning babies.

It quickly and readily boosts your energy and picks you up!

Research has shown that Ogi is rich in Simple Sugars, readily absorbable; Simple Proteins (or Nucleotides, as Scientists would prefer to call it), B-group of vitamins and Soluble Fibre.

In the current climate, people and patients with weakened immune systems, and especially the Elderly, are dying.  Why not help yourself and your loved ones by offering them Corn Ogi and strengthen the immune system, as an effective protection against viral infections.

Our Ogi comes in powdered or as fresh frozen product.  It is simple to make, as you follow the instructions.  You can also flavour it with Cinnamon powder or Strawberry Jam or even a sprinkling of our Suya Spice, containing Ginger and energised Turmeric.

It is presently good value for money and has no side effects!

So, go for it as we help you fight off this unseen enemy.

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