Nutritional Benefits

All our products have great nutritional benefit.
tansi smoothie juice

First, let’s talk about our Smoothie drink

We now know from several anecdotal evidences that many customers now regularly buy our Tansi™ Smoothies for the benefits they get from drinking Tansi™ Smoothies. Chronic sufferers of constipation find that regular intake of Tansi Smoothies, helps to relieve their symptom…

Veggie Cookbook

Have you checked out our Vegetarian cookbook and vegan recipes? Unbeknownst to a lot of people, African food since time immemorial contains delicious healthy properties that are suit a Vegetarian, and get this Vegan diet!

Africans, particularly Nigerians, apart from Northerners, seldom rely on a dairy diet.


Our Spices

Our products are made from natural herbs and has no sugar or sugar alternatives, no additives, no colouring and are suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan

naija cooking sauces

Suya Spice

An ancient traditional blend of spices from ancient Kano in Nigeria; very functional, contains Turmeric, whose function is enhanced by the blended Peppers; delicious, flavourful and versatile. 

jerk chicken seasoning odeigahouse

Jerk Chicken

Odeiga Jerk Seasoning is becoming the first-choice seasoning for the popular Caribbean Jerk Chicken.  The descriptive term ‘Jerk’ emanates from the jerking movement of meat as it is roasted,

pepper soup mix

Pepper Soup Mix

A careful blend of non-allergenic spices, with Picante, delicious and functional benefits; suitable for Vegetarians.


Our Healthy Sauces

Each of our sauces and marinades brings something a little different to the pot. We believe our range embraces every imaginable taste.

spicy marinade paste

Spicy Odeiga Paste/Marinades

We are so happy with this Marinade that we gave it our name and it is ‘making waves.  It is made of natural ingredients and has no colouring, no sugar or sugar alternatives and no GM ingredients.

potent peanut odeiga house

Potent Peanut

A unique cooking sauce made of peanuts and spices, delicious and flavourful. Numerous nutritional studies have shown that peanuts present a good source of minerals (Phosphates…

Banga stew from odeiga house

Banga Stew (Abenkwai Stew)

Banga (in Nigeria), Abenkwai (in Ghana), is a traditional West African stewed dish made with Palm oil paste.  It usually contains less of the Palm oil, which would have been skimmed off.

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