Banga stew from odeiga house

Banga Stew (Abenkwai Stew)

Banga (in Nigeria), Abenkwai (in Ghana), is a traditional West African stewed dish made with Palm oil paste.  It usually contains less of the Palm oil, which would have been skimmed off.  It is rich source of Vitamins E, A, essential fatty acids (omega 3), carotenoids, antioxidants and fibre.  Traditionally it is usually cooked either with fish, meat, seafood or African ‘giant’ Snails.  We have developed a base cooking sauce that is suitable for all tastes, including Vegans.  All ingredients are natural, with no colouring, no sugar or sugar alternatives and no GM ingredients.

Would be useful for those with high cholesterol levels.

To use, follow as advised on our recipe page, and for Vegans and Vegetarians, check out the book Vegetarian Paradise by Stella Osammor.  Flavour matures when eaten the following day or cooked a day before it is served.  It is also amenable to experimentation as you feel inspired.  Worth trying!

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