Coronavirus, Creativity and Cooking

In our latest blog post, entitled Keeping Positive, we asked you, whether social isolation is making you more creative. The results have been interesting. It seems as if our creative side is coming out more and more! 

It is so important to keep positive, busy and occupied where possible at these times, considering that being indoors can be boring! Perhaps cooking may bring out the creativity hidden inside all of us!

As you’re reading this, I would hope you are staying safely at home!

At Odeiga House, we have been inspired by the latest vegetarian and vegan recipes. (A colleague who is a Vegan, has tried some of the recipes in our featured cookbook – Flavours of Africa, A Vegetarian Paradise), available on our website and!

As mentioned in our previous blog post, the uniqueness of our Spice blends is the functional benefits, achieved by careful choice of spice blends that enhance the potency and efficacy of some of the ingredients, such as turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, which have known positive, holistic benefits on the body. 

You can check out Suya Spice, Pepper Soup Mix, on Amazon and some of our recipes on the website, as well as checking out our YouTube channel, where we have many dishes, as well as our 2015 work at the Vegetarian Society! 

Stay safe, stay blessed and stay indoors!

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