Keeping Positive!

In this time of uncertainty, and sadness it is important to remain positive in this time, (and dare I say, remain indoors!) Good food is just as important as a healthy frame of mind! We are happy to inform whoever is reading this that in terms of mental health, you can access advice or even a person to talk to, here at Sane Charity. Please reach out to them if you are struggling!

Now, according to Healthline, one of the causes of depression is chronic inflammation, and therefore by reducing this, the risk of depression is reduced!  This is where turmeric comes in! Turmeric contains curcumin, which aids in reducing inflammation, and therefore may help alleviate depression! Turmeric is widely used in East Indian dishes such as coconut curries, and curries, and general.

Also, it is popular in delicious Caribbean dishes, (due to the East Indian influence, particularly in Trinidad), so if you have turmeric, or even Suya Spice Mix, (did you know that our Suya Spice blend has Turmeric inside?) why not sprinkle on chips, roasties and of course in a curry?

What makes Suya Spice amazing? 

The beauty of our Suya Spice blend is the mix of the ingredients including pepper, which enhances the holistic effect of turmeric!

Our Suya Spice blend is versatile and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, so anybody can enjoy! You can also check out more recipes, which may help aid in combating depression, at Odeigahouse Amazon Shop, and veggies (and vegans), there is a cookbook available Amazon Store! Stay hopeful, stay safe, and practice social distancing!

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