OGI - The Amazing Super Food

It is now widely accepted that fermentation of food enhances the micro-elements and nutritional value of foods in general. The process of fermentation breaks down complex sugars and makes it easy for the human body to digest fermented food.

In West Africa, Ogi (also known as Akamu or Koko) is a superfood that nourishes the bio-elements of the human body right from infancy and remarkably to old age. Ogi is therefore widely used in West Africa as follow-on food for babies.

Remarkably, Ogi is excellent for the frail and elderly because the fermentation of corn used in the making of Ogi means that complex sugars and nutrients are broken down and therefore easily absorbed by the stomach.

In East and North Africa, long-distance athletes feed on diets that are rich in fermented corn.

In West Africa, pregnant women use Ogi to cope with nausea, commonly associated with the early stages of pregnancy. In Nigeria especially, pregnant women, very often feed copiously on Ogi as it is often the only food they can tolerate or keep down in the first trimester of pregnancy. The B Vitamins present in Ogi helps pregnant women feel less nauseous and enhance their appetite for other foods.

Nursing mothers in West Africa use Ogi to let down the thick creamy early milk that is produced by the female breast immediately after childbirth. The B vitamins present in Ogi breaks the sugars in breast milk down, making It thinner and able to flow easily and copiously.

In Animal husbandry, the effluent from Ogi is used to accelerate the growth of calves and lambs as it accelerates the growth of all infant lives in a way that is remarkable.

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