Odeiga House Suya Mayonnaise

Odeiga House Suya Mayonnaise
sauce, dip, cook pinit
sauce, dip, cook pinit
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Odeiga House Suya Mayonnaise

Difficulty: Beginner


What you need


Let's Cook!

  1. Scoop the plain mayonnaise into a bowl.
  2. Sprinkle two level teaspoonfuls of Suya Spice Blend onto the mayonnaise.

  3. Whisk the spice and mayonnaise with a fork until the spice has completely blended into the mayonnaise.
    (You can blend more of the dry Suya Spice blend into the mayonnaise if you want the flavour to be sharper or piquant).


Odeiga House Suya Spice Blend is produced using the finest ingredients and blended in perfect proportions to produce a healthy, sumptuous spice blend.
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